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The Way of the Dragon Table Runner

This is another project that was inspired by vintage crochet work, just like the Vintage Crochet Modern Remake centerpiece

Below you can see some of the vintrage lace pieces where I got inspiration for The Way of the Dragon's design. They are delicate and intricate work in various crochet techniques, including hairpin crochet. They were made with very fine cotton yarn and they just look beautiful as they are.

Vintage lace crochet

However, I do enjoy coming up with more modern looking designs based on some of these fantastic older crochet pieces.

Despite its name, it was never my intention to make this table runner look dragonesque - as someone said on Reddit -, but I do like its vague resemblance to a dragon.

Small crochet table runner

One of several great things about this pattern is that it takes a relatively small amount of yarn to make. The bigger piece in the main picture took only around 100 metres of DK cotton yarn for the main colour, worked with a 4 mm hook, and an even smaller amount for the secondary colour.

I also used four stitch markers, a tapestry needle and a wool needle. None of the two pieces I made were blocked, because they looked just fine once I finished them. but they can definitely be blocked following the same method as in the Vintage Crochet Modern Remake centerpiece

Below are the video tutorials, parts 1 and 2. You can watch them directly on my youtube channel by clicking on this link

As usual, if you upload a photo of The Way of the Dragon table runner crocheted by you to Instagram, please tag secret_crochet_corner on your public post, as I would love to see it and share it. I hope you have enjoyed the pattern and thank you for visiting my website.

Crochet table runner close up

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